HCTOO Casual Cardigan Sweaters For Men Fashion Pullover Cashmere Sweater

What an amazing sweater is the HCTOO Casual Cardigan Sweater for Men, fashion Pullover, Cashmere Sweater.

I have to say that this is the best quality sweater I have ever seen.  The retail price is $44.99, but they still have a few left at the discounted price

of only $16.99.

A little from the Amazon website, as the seller has all the details for you:

  • ‘BEST CARDIGAN SWEATER AVAILABLE – Our Sweaters are routinely voted #1 by users. Our focus on quality is 2nd to none.
  • EXTREMELY SOFT WARM SWEATSHIRT – We go above and beyond when it comes to material selection. We use state of the art warm soft velvet materials inside to ensure you feel warm even in freezing weather.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN FASHION SLIM FIT & SEXY – We make the most fashion slim fit sweaters for men on the market. You won’t find a knitted pullover cardigan for men that is slimmer anywhere. Unique Two-Dresses-Like (Sweatshirt & Cardigan) designed makes it casual enough to wear around town on the weekend as men ‘s shirts, and also a cardigan sweater smart enough to pair with your office wear during the week as men ‘s cardigan jacket. Brings you to a different outlook on life of fashion’.

I agree with everything that is written about it.  The outside is soft, but the velvet inside it, means that you don’t have to wear anything under it.  I slipped it on, and cuddled myself with it, and was in heaven.

It is a heavy sweater so perfect for the winter months.

Hand wash, or dry clean are recommended for this sweater.

I feel very fortunate to receive this sweater for free, for my husband, and if you are interested buy now, as they are running out of the reduced price ones.


Kinzd Mens Slim Grain Leather Credit Card Holder RFID Carbon Blocking Wallet

I don’t normally use handbags/large purses anymore, as I go to the gym, and wear a fanny pack.  That’s when the Kinzd Mens Slim Grain Leather Credit Card Holder RFID Carbon Blocking Wallet, is perfect for me.

It might say ‘Mens’, but most of the ladies at the gym, use these slim line credit card holders too.  Not only can you put your driver’s license in them, but also credit cards, a debit card, and cash.  The center of the wallet opens, when you press the sides, and you can put your dollar bills in there.  I always carry a couple in case I forget my water bottle, and need to buy one.

The slim credit card holder/wallet is only 4.2 ” x 2.8″ x 0.3″ (10.7cm x 7.20cm x 0.8cm).  It is a dark grain leather, that looks really smart.  Mine has 4 pocket, 2 each side for credit cards, and then a wider one at the top of each side.  Then, of course the one I mentioned in the middle.

These RFID carbon blocking wallets protect your information from Electronic Pick pocketing; Blocking all RFID scanners and readers.  This certainly makes you feel more comfortable, in these times, when you never know who is around you.

I did receive this wallet for free, and feel that everyone should be aware, that these are available for their safety.


Kinzd Minimalist Wallet Unique Thin Men’s Front Pocket Wallet Small Credit Card Holder

kinzd Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Secure Thin Credit Card Holder

kinzd Money Clip, Front Pocket Wallet, Leather RFID Blocking with a Strong Magnet.

HOTOUCH Women Sleeveless Slim Fit Asymmetric Hem Lace-Paneled Peplum Top

Here I am reviewing another one of the HOTOUCH line.  It is the HOTOUCH Women Sleeveless Slim Fit Asymmetric Hem Lace-Paneled Peplum Top.

It comes in black, white, and wine red.  As I have so many black and gray, trousers, leggings, capris, and skirts, I knew that the deep red would be perfect with them, and it is.

It is a dressy top, but also casual as well.  You could wear it dancing, eating out, smart enough for an office job, and casual enough for meeting your friends.  I have the small, which fits me perfectly, and I am a US 2.4.  It also comes in medium, and large.

I love the lace on the top, both on the back, and the front of it.  Also the way it falls, when you wear it.  I don’t have any tops that are similar to this one.  I know it will be a talking point, when I next go dancing.

It fits nicely on my bust line, and around the waist.  It then sways out at the bottom of it.  I think that this style fits all ages, and is very complimentary to anyone that wants a little extra material around the stomach, and over their bum.

You can see the actual top in my video, and the quality of the product.

I did receive this item at a discounted price, and as always, wrote my review after thoroughly testing it.  If you are interested in buying it, I have a discount for you:

25% off Discount info: 9ZTC4U2E


RFID Blocking Sleeves IMISI 15 Card Holders Privacy Protection and Portable [12 for Credit Card & 3 for Passport] Super Thin Perfect for Wallet Unisex (Black)

It is better to be safe than sorry.  I am sure you have heard these words before.  I am talking about someone stealing you credit card numbers, driver’s license details, or debit card.  That is why most of us are turning to RFID Blocking Sleeves.

I use them all the time, and at supermarket checkouts, people kind of look, and I tell them about them.  So many people are unaware, that the next person to them, could be stealing their information.

The IMISI ones are nice and thick, compared to many that are thinner.  The cards slip in them easily, and there is a recess in them, so I can see what card it is.

I feel really well protected, and know that if I am drinking coffee at Starbucks, the guy opposite, isn’t taking my information, and buying up a storm at the local Wal-Mart.

It’s nice that you get 12 credit card size, and 3 passport ones.  This is probably enough to share with your spouse, family, friend, etc.

I did received these at a discounted price, and wanted to let you know how smart they look, and how safe it makes you feel.  Right now this Amazon Prime price is just $7.99.





ACEVOG Women’s Pullover Eco Fleece Sweatshirt Hooded Coat Outwear Funnel Neck Zip Up Jacket

I have 3 fleece jackets, which I liked, but now I have a 4th one that I love.  The ACEVOG Women’s Pullover Eco Fleece Sweatshirt Hooded Coat Outwear Funnel Neck Zip Up Jacket, steps it up to a smart jacket/coat.

The quality is excellent, and hopefully you can see it in my photos.  The zipper has a double lock at the bottom, and has extra material behind it.  The funnel neck line, allows the zipper to come to the top, and then you wrap the extra piece of fabric across the front of your neck.  It seals with Velcro.  It is really wide, which protects your neck against the cold, wind, and rain.

The pockets have the same zippers to keep items safe.  They are deep enough to put the average size smartphone in them, camera, or wallet.

It comes just below my bottom, which is perfect to stay warm.  It is so soft to the touch, and keeps you feeling toasty.  The sleeves are nice, and long.  They have an elastic wrist on them, to keep the cold from coming up.  They also have an extra double piece of material just above these, which is really classy.

4 Colors are: Navy Blue, Gray, Dark Brown, and Black .  I chose the gray, which goes so well with my black, dark gray, or navy trousers, leggings, or capris.  I ordered the small, as I am 5’6″, and weigh 110 pounds.  It is a tiny bit on the big size for me, as I am a size 2 – 4, but I am pleased about that.  If I want to put thick clothes under it, or put a little weight on, it will still fit me.  It is hand, machine washable, or you can have it dry cleaned.

The Acevog fleece is suitable for any occasion.  I will certainly wear it when going out for dinner.  I think heads will turn.

I received this jacket at a discounted price, and have to say that I really wanted to write a review about it, to tell everyone how much I love it.  That was my choice.


Valkit iPad Pro 9.7 Sleeve Case, Universal 10 inch Sleeve, Top Best 10.1 inch Felt Sleeve Bag

My husband has a couple of smartphones, a laptop, desktop, and also 2 small tablets that we can’t find.  As we have been giving so much stuff away, we didn’t buy each

other Christmas presents, so he wanted a 10 inch tablet.  After buying it, I wanted to get him a sleeve for it.  That’s when I saw the Valkit iPad Pro 9.7 Sleeve Case, Universal 10 inch Sleeve, Top Best 10.1 inch Felt Sleeve Bag.

It is a ‘Portable Carrying Protective Case For iPad Air iPad 2 3 4 Air 2 iPad Pro 9.7 Android 10.1 Tablet’.  The tablet we have is an android, and it fits perfectly.

The sleeve is brown, but I would call if fawn, or light brown.  It is PU leather, and looks really smart.  It has a metallic closure, so you don’t have to press anything.  It just closes on it’s own.

Once opened, you can see the credit card, or business card holder.  Then behind it is the sleeve.  The tablet fits perfectly in it.  There was a piece of packaging foam in it, when I opened it, and I left it in there.  My husband puts the tablet in, with the back of it touching the foam, and the screen, next to the felt.  Having it next to the felt, it won’t scratch the screen.  However, you can certainly take the foam out, and not use it.  We just chose to have the added protection.

This is a perfect fit, and we are really delighted with it.  There is also a loop on the front, where you can put a stylus, if you use one.

My husband tends to lay things down, and this will never happen, now that he has the sleeve.  Also it protects the tablet against dust, and spills, when it is not being used.

I am seriously thinking about getting a tablet, and if I do, this will be the sleeve that I buy for it.  It also comes in black, and blue.  You can check them out by clicking the link below.

I received this item at a discounted price, for me to test it, and I opted to write a review.  In no way was I influenced to write a positive review on it.


Flattering jumpsuit if you are slim, or have a good figure

I have lost so much weight taking care of my husband, that hardly any of my clothes fit me. The CoCo Fashion Women’s Color Stretch Sport Short Jumpsuits Rompers, are amazing. Mine fits me like a glove. I am 34C 25 36, and the size I have is medium, and the color black.

I really didn’t look at it too much when it arrived, and couldn’t wait to wear it. I put it over my head, and it was back to front, as it has a very low back, it made my husband, and I laugh. When I put it on correctly it was, and is, totally me.

It really shows off my curves, and is perfect for ladies with a good figure. If you do have lots of bumps or bulges, then this may not be the jumpsuit for you.

The material is really soft, and it feels as if you are barely wearing it. I can see me going out for lunch in it, and taking a stroll. I personally wouldn’t use it for the gym, when I am doing a workout.

This is casual to smart. I wouldn’t wear it in the evening, and feel that it is a shopping, or being with the girls, kind of outfit.

I received this item for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.

This is one of my earlier reviews, and wanted to share it with my many followers now.  Thank you guys, and gals.