ZooBamboo Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier | Fragrance Free Odor Eliminator Freshener and Deodorizer for Smoke Smell, and Allergies

For years I have been spending a fortune on Damp Rid, for my closets.  These round containers were in both of my closets, and when the crystals turned to water, I replaced them.  Now I have a much simpler solution.  I use the Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier by ZooBamboo, which is so much easier, and safer to use.

It is fragrance free, an odor eliminator freshener, deodorizer for the smell of smoke, and allergies.  The 200 gram bag covers an area of 90 square feet.  I put this one in our biggest walk-in closet, to ensure our clothes smell fresh, and to prevent mildew, and mold.

A bag of Damp Rid runs me around $4.50 and lasts a couple of months, whereas this Charcoal Air Purifier is $8.95, and can last up to 2 years.  That is a huge saving in money, and time.

It is suggest that you put it in sunlight for an hour once a month so that the UV rays will clean out the impurities from the deodorizer.

These can be used in the home, in your vehicle, in sports areas, or around pets.  From the website:

‘They eliminate bacteria, allergens, and harmful pollutants.  COMPLETELY SAFE to use around children and pets. OUR CHARCOAL DEODORIZERS ARE CHEMICAL FREE, NON TOXIC and 100% RECYCLABLE”.

I am extremely happy with this product, and can certainly recommend it to anyone that needs to get smells, out of their home, car, etc.

I received this product at a discounted price, and living in Florida, feel that it is a big money safer, so wanted to share it with you all.


BAVEL Men’s Head Layer Cowhide Leather Belt 1.46 Inch Wide

Years ago my husband used to buy cheap belts, and they started cracking in a really short time.  Since then we only buy quality leather ones, that look great, and last so much longer.  That is why he was happy to receive the BAVEL Men’s Head Layer Cowhide Leather Belt 1.46 Inch Wide. 

As soon as I opened the box, I could smell the cowhide leather, which I love.  The belt is slightly wider than the other ones my husband has, and fits his trousers perfectly.

He is a 36 inch waist, so we got the 36 – 38 inch.  It states on the Amazon website that: ‘The Buckle is fixed with screws. If it is too long, you could unscrew it and then cut the leather’.

My husband found it slightly loose, so he took the screw out of the belt, and cut off one and a half inches.  He then screwed it back, and put it through the loops of his trousers.  It fits perfectly, as you can see in my photos.

The belt also comes with a bag, with the brand on it, so makes a perfect gift for that guy in your life.  Birthdays, Father’s day, anniversaries, etc.  Because of the excellent quality, I can see my husband wearing this for years.

I received this product at a discounted price, and am really happy to write a positive review about it, after my husband has worn it several times.



Majestic Pure Anti Cellulite Cream, 87% Organic Fat Burner Cream, 9 Oz – Tight Muscles & Joint and Muscle Pain

I may have a tiny amount of cellulite, but I was interested in the Majestic Pure 100% natural 87% organic hot cream, to help relief pain in my bottom, hip, and my right knee.

The pain in my bottom has been ongoing for a few years now.  I was getting a cortisone shot for this, once a year, but after the second one, the doctor prefers more natural sources.  So I have been using sports creams.  These work for short periods of time.

The hot cream comes in a 9 fluid ounce, clear bottle.  It has a screw cap, and also a pump action top.  When I took the cap off, and put the pump in, I could smell the eucalyptus.

I hit the pump several times before it started working.  The first amount was more than enough for my knee, and my bottom.  I separated the squirt in half, and split it between the 2 areas.

Almost immediately I could feel the heat.  I gave my hands a good wash, as I didn’t want to spread it to any areas, that didn’t need it.  Please be careful to avoid delicate areas with this product.

As this is for cellulite, I will keep an eye on my bottom, and see if the left cheek firms up more than the right one, which isn’t getting any of the product.  I will be interested in the outcome.

The heat lasts me 2 to 3 hours, and that really helps me.  If my husband can stand the smell, then I will be using it when I get up, after a workout, and before going to bed.

I received this product at a discounted price, and have written an honest review, after testing it for a week.


Majestic Pure Peppermint Oil, 100% Pure and Authentic Essential Oils, 10% MenthoFuran, 1 fl. oz

I so love my essential oils, and one of my favorites is peppermint.  So I was happy to receive the Majestic Pure Peppermint Oil, 100% Pure and Authentic Essential Oils, 10% MenthoFuran, 1 fl. oz.

With all essentials oils, in comes in a dark brown bottle to protect the contents.  There is a screw cap, and a dropper, to allow you to add the correct amount of oil.

I use mine in my diffusers, that I keep in all my rooms.  It only takes a few drops to create a really fresh minty smell, in the house.

I also use them with Shea butter, and a carrier oil, to make my own moisturizer.  I tend to use the more feminine smells for the body, and make up small batches, of ones such as peppermint, if I get a headache.  It also helps to relieve stress for me.

These tiny 1 fluid ounce bottles go a really long way, as you use so little, at a time.

I received mine at a discounted price, and chose to write a review. No one influenced me on what to write.


First Botany Cosmeceuticals Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil with a Glass Dropper

I have to say that Lavender is a scent that I grew up with, and always feel relaxed around it.  In England the lavender was plentiful, and we would collect it, and dry it out, to make lavender bags.  They would be kept in closets, under pillows, or in drawers.

I think that is why I am drawn to it.  I love the humble fragrance

of it, although some people think it is an old persons smell, I beg to differ with them.

The First Botany Cosmeceuticals Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil with a Glass Dropper, comes in a big 4 ounce bottle.  It is protected in the brown colored glass, and has a screw top to keep it fresh.  You only use the dropper when you are adding it to a diffuser, making soap, adding to Shea butter, or what other beauty product you make.  A few drops go a really long way.

I added a drop of the lavender essential oil, to the underneath of my pillow, so tonight I know it will be a restful night’s sleep.

I received this product for free, or an honest, and unbiased review.


First Botany Advanced Night Repair Cream and Best Retinol Moisturizer 1.7 fl. oz.

First Botany Vitamin C Serum and L-Ascorbic acid

Majestic Pure Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, 100% Pure and Natural Therapeutic Grade

I have to say that this essential oil is totally new to me.  Until I was offered this product I had never heard of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.  I checked the product page on Amazon, and it states: ‘Ylang Ylang Oil is extracted from the tall, tropical tree ylang ylang that is cultivated in Java, Sumatra, Madagascar and the Comores’.  Ylang, Ylang means flower, or flowers.  It comes in a one ounce brown bottle, with a screw cap, and also a screw top dropper.

This is also a totally new smell to me.  It is sweet, and rich, and I can’t compare it to any other fragrance.

I tried it in my large diffuser first, and it has been circulating in 20161017_215732my lounge/dining/kitchen area.  I made a chicken curry for dinner tonight.  We went out for awhile, and when I walked in, the curry smell was so strong.  After an hour of the Ylang Ylang Essential Oil in the diffuser, I can only smell this sweet fragrance.

I like it very much.

I received this item at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.


Majestic Pure Facial Mask Brush – Set of 5 – Professional Quality for Applying Facial Mask, Eye Mask

Majestic Pure Mandarin Orange Essential Oil, 100% Pure and Natural Therapeutic Grade

Majestic Pure Raw Mango Butter, Organic Premium Grade for Soft Supple Skin and Healthy Hair

Majestic Pure Eyelash Wonder Serum


Majestic Pure Jasmine Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade, Pure and Natural

One of the fragrances I love is jasmine.  We have it on the 6 foot wire fence that runs along the back of our property.  Recently more jasmine plants were added, and I have been weaving them through the fence.  I can’t wait until they bloom again, so I can enjoy their sweet smell.

Hence, I am delighted with the Jasmine Essential Oil From Majestic Pure, Therapeutic Grade, Pure and Natural.  It comes in a 4 fluid ounce (118 ml) bottle, that is a dark brown, to protect the oil.

Upon taking the screw off cap’

, you use the dropper,  which allows you to add as little, or as much as you want.  I have just added some to my Shea butter, that I use as a body moisturizer.  It makes my skin so soft, and the smell stays with me for a long time.

It can be used in diffusers, and in making soap etc.  Also on the website it states:
It has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system by soothing irritating coughs and helping with hoarseness. Jasmine essential oil is also used for muscle pain, sprains, and stiff limbs. Jasmine oil also used for skin toning and in remedies to help fight stretch marks and scars.’

I received this item at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.


Majestic Pure Clove Essential Oil is a Therapeutic Grade Oil that is Extracted from Leaves, Pure and Natural

Majestic Pure Roman Chamomile Essential Oil,Therapeutic Grade20160926_155038