5Mayi Clean Away Makeup Remover-Chemical Free Face Cloth,Machine Washable Towel

I may be a gym rat, but am a girly girl too.  I love really feminine things, so was happy to receive the 5Mayi Clean Away Makeup Remover-Chemical Free Face Cloth, Machine Washable Towels.  Yes, there are 2 of them. The colors are pink, and purple.

They are oblong, with rounded edges, and are so soft.  The towels, themselves, are the softest I have ever used.  The size of them are 16 inches x 8 inches, which is plenty big enough to clean your face.

From the website: ‘Just add water to your face cloth or use with your favorite cleanser. The plush microfibers gently lift away dirt, oil, makeup, and even waterproof mascara to leave skin clear, soft and smooth.  For use on all skin types’. 

I added water to one third of the towel, and wiped away my eyeshadow, and mascara.  It came off completely.  I then rinsed the towel, and it was clean.  It can be hung up by the washing instruction label, to dry.  It is chemical free, and can be used 1,o0o times.  You can use either side of it, as one side has a higher pile on it.

With Easter coming up, you could wrap some eggs in these, or chocolates, and give them to the ladies in your life. Also a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

I did receive this at a discounted price, and wanted to share the outcome with you.  A very unique gift, which I believe anyone would be happy to receive.




AnnaLisa Argan Oil Cotton Pads (120 Count)

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you will know that this is the third review on AnnaLisa cotton pads.  All are different, so that is why I am doing separate reviews.

The Argan Oil Cotton Pads (120 Count) are much bigger than a regular cotton pad, so I have a photo showing the difference in size.  They have the Argan Oil on both sides, so whether you are using the ridged side to remove makeup or nail polish, or the smooth side to apply lotions, toners, etc., you will benefit from  it.

I love Argan Oil products, and I use the shampoo, conditioner, hair treatments, and anything else I can find.  My hair is the best it has ever been, as it is so soft, and silky.

These pads come in 3 tubes of 40 each, and have a drawstring top, to keep them in place.  When using them, it is like using the softest material on your face.  You only need 1 for your entire face, which in the end, is a big savings to you.

I know my face is really clean after using them, and that is what matters to me.

I received this pads at a discounted price, and have written an honest, and unbiased review of them.


AnnaLisa Organic Cotton Rounds, 240 Count (3 Pack of 80)

AnnaLisa Premium Cotton Pads, 240 Count (3 pack of 80)