Sogrand 5 Modes,Flashlight,Torch High-Powered, FlashLight, Rechargeable Tac Light, Water Resistant Handheld Flashlight with Zoom Function

I do have several really good flashlights, and am pleased to say that the Sogrand 5 Modes, Flash Light, Torch High-Powered, FlashLight, Rechargeable Tac Light, Water Resistant Handheld Flashlight with Zoom Function comes up to my expectations, after comparing it with it’s competitors.

The price is very reasonable at just $9.88.  However, you have to buy your own batteries.  You can get 3 AAA or a 18650 battery.  I already have a spare rechargeable 18650, which means that there is no extra cost to me.

The flashlight fits nicely in my hand, is small enough to take out with you, but big enough to do it’s job.

From the website: ‘Adjustable Modes: Adjustable focus range for different usage, stretching to adjust 5 Mode, high brightness; Medium brightness; low brightness; Strobe (intermittent flashing); SOS (emergency signal)’.

You don’t have to worry as the bulbs last more than 100,000 hours,  It is made of Air-craft Grade aluminum and can withstand extremes of temperatures, from freezing to boiling. It is Water Resistant and shock resistant.

The zoom is on the top/front of the flashlight, and very easy to adjust.  It also has the tactical light edge, than can protect you against predators.  This will be a perfect addition to my girlfriend, and my weekly walk in a nature park.  Her husband is always saying to take something to protect ourselves.

As you can see in the video that I took in a walk-in closet, and the photos, this product works really well.  I did receive it at for free, tested it thoroughly, and chose to write a review about it.

Liumy LED Flashlight, 2500lm Pocket-Sized Handheld Flashlight, LED Torch,18650/ 26650/ AAA Battery Tactical Flashlight, 5 Modes Adjustable Focus For Outdoors (Camping, Hiking, and Cycling Use)

20170313_130629   I do a lot of walking, and sometimes on my own, so that is why I was happy to test the Liumy LED handheld FlashlightIt is a perfect size to fit in our pocket,  as the size is 1.97 x 5.91 x 1.97 inches.  It comes with a lanyard, for you to hold it, on slip it on your wrist.

This is handy for the home, or in the car.  It is great for an emergency, and has 5 modes, that are Full Brightness, Medium Brightness, Low Brightness, Strobe Brightness, SOS.

It is waterproof, non-slip design, and is made of aviation grade aluminum alloy shell.  It is sturdy, and shockproof .

You can adjust it from a small spot light up to a very large area, by pulling back on the top of the flashlight, where is says ‘Zoom’.

All you have to buy are the batteries, that are not included in it.

I received this item for free, and chose to write a review about it.  For $10.99, and free shipping if you have Amazon Prime, I think it is a steal.


SIVNN Ultra Bright 430 Lumens LED Handheld Flashlight With IPX5 Water Resistant And 5 Light Modes For Indoors And Outdoors for only $5.99

We had a power outage the other evening, which didn’t last long, so that’s when I like a LED lantern, or flashlights in every room.  We have thrown away, all the old type, because the light that they put out, is pitiful compared to the new LED ones.

The SIVNN Ultra Bright 430 Lumens LED Handheld Flashlight With IPX5 Water Resistant And 5 Light Modes For Indoors And Outdoors, is a perfect size.  As you can see in the photo, it fits in the average hand.  That means it is small enough to go in a pocket, or purse.

Being water resistant, it is great for being outside.  I forgot to put the garbage can out, and it was raining so heavy, that the flashlight gave me great depth, and I knew that the rain wouldn’t damage it.

The FIVE LIGHT MODES: 3 Brightness Levels, Tactical Security design with Disrupter Strobe and SOS Function.

It takes 3 AAA batteries, and will work for up to 4 hours, on a set of these.  From the website:  High-quality LED bulb delivers consistent, optimum performance throughout 80000 hours of use.

Right now the price of the SIVNN flashlight is $5.99 if you have Amazon Prime.  Batteries are not included, but I picked mine up in the Dollar Store, for a buck.

I received this product at a discounted price, and decided to write a review about it.  I would have written the same review if I had paid the $5.99 for it.



Raking Outdoor Camping Lamp tent Portable Led Lantern Tent Light Hiking Emergency Yellow Bulb for kids children play tent Playhouse Night Lighting 3 mode

This product is a must for every household.  Whether you live in Florida, and get power outages when we have our hurricane season, or other states that get bad weather.  The Raking Outdoor Camping Lamp, portable Led Lantern Light is the neatest product I have seen.

There are 2 in the pack, and the batteries don’t come with it, so you will need 3 AAA ones for each lamp.  I have the yellow lamps.  The top with the hook is black, then there is the yellow part, and the white bulb at the bottom.  The black switch is in the yellow area.  Having a hook on the top, it will fit in a laundry area, closet, in the garage, a tent, a tree house, or anywhere you can think of.  It is water resistant, so using it outside is fine.

It has 3 modes, high, half high, and an SOS.  The lifespan is 100,000 hours.  It is made of plastic.

I have candles, torches, or flashlights as they are called here in America, but I certainly have a need for these Raking Outdoor camping lamps.

I am thinking of keeping one in the vehicle, as a precaution for night driving.  This could be a life saver.

This package of 2 are only $8.99 on Amazon, if you have Prime.  I think that this is a good price.  However, I did receive mine at a discount, and just had to share how much I like them with you.  They come in 3 colors, yellow, green, and blue.

Raking 360 Degree Rotation Adjustable Universal Tablets Holder