beautyin Women’s Halter Bikini Set Strappy Padded 2 Piece Bikini Bathing Suit

When it comes to swimwear, I look for quality, and that’s what I found in the beautyin Women’s Halter Bikini Set. 

I read about it before getting it, and liked that it is fully lined.  There is nothing worse than being at the beach, and having a skimpy bikini, that you can see through.  This one is really well made, and with double thickness, makes me feel very comfortable wearing it.  It also has removable padding in the top, which means that when it is in, no one can see the shape of your nipples.

The material is 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex, and Lining 100% polyester.  The top that I think looks like a spider’s web, has black pieces of material that go up to the band around the neck. It is secured with a tie, at the neck, and back.

The bikini bottom is a perfect fit, and covers everything I need it to cover, but also is very sexy.  It has ties at each side, so you can make it higher, or lower as needed.

I will be at the beach next week, and if the temperature is hot enough, I plan on wearing it.

As w

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ith all my swimwear, I will wash it in cold water, and allow it to dry naturally.

I did receive this product for free, and really love it.  Thank you, for allowing me to test it for you.


Ekouaer Women’s Solid Stretch Board Shorts Sport Swimwear Beach Shorts

I often wear denim shorts, but they tend to get really hot and uncomfortable, here in Florida.  So I was happy to receive the  Ekouaer Women’s Solid Stretch Board Shorts Sport Swimwear Beach Shorts.

They are 88% polyester, and 12% spandex.  They come just above my knees, which is a comfortable length.  I love the stretchy waistband, and they also have a tie, if you need them any tighter.  The fit for me is perfect.  I am a size 2-4, weigh 110 pounds, and the small is just the right size.

I have the dark gray, but you can also get them in black, and dark blue.  They are extremely well made, and you can see in the photos, that they go well with a Ekouaer top I have.  I will shortly be writing a review about that too.

I went walking in them today, and stayed cool, even though the temperatures are in the high 80’s.  I plan on wearing them next time I have a boxing session, with my trainer.  I can see that I will be able to wear them to any casual outing.  I don’t sweat at all in them, and that is great.

They are machine washable, and I will be washing them tomorrow, and am sure that they will turn out great.

I did receive these shorts for free, and wanted to let you see how amazing they are on me.  I honestly think they fit me better, than the model, on the Amazon page.

DDSOL Women Cover Up Cardigan Tops Swimwear Bikini Swimsuit Kimono Beach Dress

As well as a gym rat, I am a beach bum, so try to stay at the beach for a few days most months.  Living in Florida it doesn’t matter what time of the year you go, it is hot.  I don’t like leaving my apartment, and entering the elevator without a cover up over my bikini.  That’s why I was happy to receive the DDSOL Women Cover Up Cardigan Tops Swimwear Bikini Swimsuit Kimono Beach Dress.

As you can see from my photos, and video, it is black, lots of lace, and chiffon.  The waist tie is satin, as well as the strip that goes between the chiffon, and the bottom lace.  The half lace sleeves also have the satin to finish them off.

You could call this bikini/swimsuit cover up a cardigan, but I certainly wouldn’t.  It is elegant, and very sexy too.  I will tie mine fairly tight, but allowing the bottom to open, showing some leg.  Working out 7 days a week, I really like to show off my body, but at age 69, in a modest way.

One size fits all, and I am 5 feet 6 inches tall, and weigh 110 pounds.  So if you are taller it will probably be down to your calf.  If you are a little heavier, again it would be shorter than on me.  Mine comes around 6 inches off the ground.

The DDSOL Cover Up is excellent quality, and very well made.  Mine will be in my case, ready for the next trip to the beach.  I just know that I will be the envy of many ladies.

I received this product at a discounted price, and have written a honest, and unbiased review of it.



Vsecrety Boho Vintage Beach Lace Splice Strappy Halter Bikini Swimsuit

Living in Florida, I tend to need, and wear a lot of swimwear.  That is why I was very happy to receive the Vsecrety Boho Vintage Beach Lace Splice Strappy Halter Bikini Swimsuit in the mail.

This one is perfect for the beach, and I will  be heading there in 10 days, for a long weekend.  It has the usual halter neck top, but then has the pretty lace that comes from the neck down, and is attached to the bikini top.

It has a little padding to give you a smoother look, as well as enhancing your biggest asset.  The bikini has an interlocking catch at the back for extra safety.  Nothing worse that it undoing.

The bottom fits nice and tight, and has the lace, at the sides of the front.  This makes it look a complete set, with lots of thought going through it.

The material is Cotton + Elastane, and comes in the black, or wine red, with the beige/off white lace.  This bikini  is so feminine, and is certainly my style.  I haven’t seen anyone on the beach wearing anything like it.

I received this bikini at a discounted price, and wanted to show it off to you.  It comes in small to extra large.