Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor Decorative Pathway Light,Super Bright 15 Lumen High Stake Outdoor Garden Path Lamp Stainless Steel Lighting for Walkway Driveway Patio Landscape 6 Pack

I am really pleased with the quality of the Sogrand Super Bright 15 Lumen High Stake Pathway Solar Lights.

These are similar to the black ones, that I recently posted a review on, but these have the stainless steel poles, which I do prefer over the plastic ones.  This 6 pack set of lights have the double stainless steel pieces of pole, which makes it= taller than most.  However, if you wanted to have 3 in the back, and 3 in front, you could just have one piece of the pole to make the front ones smaller.

Now that the days are drawing in, I have been moving my solar lights around, to ensure that they get the most of the sunlight.  This allows them to charge during the day, and give light at night.  I love that this saves energy, and that there are no wires/cables to deal with.

They look so pretty during the day, and then at night they have this bright middle, and a yellowish glow coming out from them.  I put mine in an area between my front door and garage, and they look so good there.

From the Amazon webpage: ‘SLEEK:Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel and sturdy design means these timeless solar lighting will never go out of style.’

I did receive these beautiful lights for free, and have tested them in my garden, so that you get to see the beauty of them too.

Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor Christmas Decorations Pathway Light Bright 15 Lumen Ornaments Sale Decorative Garden Path Lamp Walkway Lighting for Driveway Patio Landscape 6 Pack

Sogrand 20 LED,Solar Lights Outdoor, Motion Sensor Light, Security Light, for Garden Path, Wall, Walkway, Patio Deck, Shed Fence, or Pathway

Sogrand Solar Lights, Bright 10 Lumen White Blue Dual Color LED Outdoor Garden Path Light Thick Glass Lens Stainless Steel, Landscape Lighting, for Pathway, Walkway, Driveway, Patio, Yard, Pack of 4

SunJolly Yoga Stretch Strap with loops physical therapy Multi-Grip Pilates Stretching Belt -Workout Instruction Included

I go away quite a bit, and always like to workout, without taking too much equipment with me.  That is why the SunJolly Yoga Stretch Strap with loops will be very useful.

I can use it for stretching, and Yoga.  It is a sturdy strap, has ‘Ten integrated loops are large enough to accommodate most athletic shoes for ultimate convenience. Loops also provide comfortable handholds the entire length of the strap for stretching to your personal max.’

I took it to the gym with me, but wasn’t able to take photos with no hands free, so have just taken a few to show you the strap.

It does have a small instructional card, that shows 14 exercises/stretches.  This is certainly great for people starting out.  It will show you how to use it, and then progress to a class.  It can also be wrapped about a sturdy pole/tree, if you are outside, and allow you to do many different kind of exercises.

It is blue and black.

I did receive mine at a discounted price, and wanted to write a review about it.


Organic Raw Vegan Paleo Granola Superfood Snack By Peak Performance. Grain Free & Gluten Free

Being at the gym every day, and working out, I like to eat healthy.  For lunch I often have a protein bar, or make my own protein shakes.  I add lots of different ingredients to them, and that is why I wanted to try the Organic Raw Vegan Paleo Granola Superfood Snack.  It is grain free, gluten free, and has no sugar added.

As you can see in my photos, I added it to fat free milk, chocolate whey protein,  and a banana. I couldn’t really taste it, because of all the flavors.

I then sprinkled some on my cereal, added raisins, banana, strawberries, and fat free milk.  It gave my usual cereal a nice crunch.

I did try it on it’s own, and it has quite a bit of powder, dust, or crumbs, as well as the crunch.  The taste is okay.

I do prefer whole nuts, but that is a personal choice.

I did receive this product at a discounted price, and wanted to share my thoughts on it.

Hihamer Set of 2 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer Filter with Hair Drain Clog Remover – Large Wide Rim 4.4″ Diameter.

I have to admit that I have an old kitchen sink strainer, and hadn’t really looked at how bad it looked, so it was ready to be replaced.  I have a double sink in the kitchen, so was very happy to receive the Hihamer Set of 2 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Strainers.  

You can see how bright, and shiny the new strainers are, compared to my old one.  They are much wider, which means that in both sinks, they cover the entire hole, and are right up to the enamel.  They have really fine holes, which allows the water to go through, but stops the smallest of food in the strainer.

The dimensions are from the Amazon website: ‘ 4.4″ overall diameter, 2.8″ micro-perforated bowl area and high 1″. Suitable for most kitchen sinks drains and garbage disposals.’

You also get a free gift with it, which is the Hair Drain clog remover, so for $8.99 I think that this is a bargain.

It’s the little things we forget about, so it may be time to update your kitchen sink strainers.  I know I am pleased that I did.

I received this package at a discounted price, and wrote my honest review of it.

FengYuan 3 Pairs bra inserts for swimsuits Women sport bra inserts pads (Beige) 5X5inch

If you wear sports bras, swimsuits, or bikinis, then you will want to get the FengYuan 3 pairs of bra insert pads.  

I wear sports bras every day, and often the inserts move as they are small, get wrinkled, and are very thin.  They are there to cover up the outline of your nipples, and really don’t do much else.

I have photos of my flat sports bra, so I took out the pathetic insert pads, through the holes in the sides, and put the 5 x 5 inch new ones.  I then put my bra on, and my photos show me with the more supportive ones.  I am a 34B, and this ‘all in one size’ fits perfectly for me.  It gives me more shape, and I have no bounce, when wearing it.

From the website: ‘They are a bit of one size fits all I’d say ranging from a A-D cup. A’s and B’s probably see a bit of size increase with these while C’s and D’s will just add shape and hide nipples.’

They are made of 96% Nylon, 4% Spandex, and are stitched all the way around, which makes them a quality product.

I did receive these to test them, at a discounted price, and my account of them is totally honest.


Sogrand 100 LED 30FT, Solar Rope Lights, Waterproof Outdoor String Lights, Idea for the yard, garden, lawn, patio, deck, fence, and landscaping.

We have a really pretty covered bridge, that you drive under, when coming into our community.  It is outlined with Rope Lights, and they look exactly the same as the Sogrand 100LED 30FT, Solar Outdoor, waterproof Rope Lights.

These lights are completely cover by the clear tubing, which means that they are very easy to keep in place.  They are weather resistant (IP55), and can be used in any conditions.  Obviously, the more sunshine on the solar panel, will create more power to them.

I charged mine up a couple of days ago, and brought them inside to take some photos, and they have lit up beautifully, before darkness falls.

I plan on going outside with them once dusk falls, and put them on the flashing mode, so that I can take a video.  With just photos, you can only see the steady mode.

As with all solar lights, they come with a stake, that slots into the back of the solar panel.  You then put it in a sunny place during the daylight, and watch them work at night.  The switch is on the back of the solar panel.  It is in the off position, and you can switch it to either steady, or flashing.

These lights would look great around a house, garage, patio, pool, deck, or anywhere larger lights are needed.  I think they would also work for businesses, in their windows, etc.

I did receive these lights for free, and as you can see by my photos, and video, I really gave them an excellent test.  I therefore feel very comfortable in leaving a favorable review of them.

Sogrand 5 Modes,Flashlight,Torch High-Powered, FlashLight, Rechargeable Tac Light, Water Resistant Handheld Flashlight with Zoom Function

Sogrand 4 LED Solar Globe Stake Light Set, 2-Pack

Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor, 3pcs-Pack 3 Color Mosaic Lampshade, Solar Light, Landscape Lighting, Solar Pathway Lights.

Sogrand 2pcs-Pack 20 LED, Motion Sensor Light, Solar Security Light, Solar Motion Light, Solar Lights Outdoor, for Wall, Patio, Deck, Shed, Fence, Pathway and Driveway



SEEU Women’s Sports Bra Medium Support Yoga Bra Running Bra, Sport Bras wish Strap Back

To many people a bra is just a bra, but not when you workout.  That’s why I wanted to test the SEEU Women’s Sports Bra Medium Support Yoga Bra Running Bra, Sport Bras wish Strap Back. Well actually when I saw the different designs, and patterns it made it really hard to choose, which one I liked the best.

I went for the white one, with the black cross over straps at the front, and the double straps at the back.  I ordered small, as I am 34B, and it fits perfectly.  Upon putting it on, it does feel a little tight, but once you have readjusted it, it is really comfortable.

I have so many black, and gray ones, so it’s really nice to have a different color.  Under my razorback tops, some of my bra shows, and this made for a pretty look.

I have worn it doing an hour of Zumba, and also boxing.  It stayed in place, and so did my boobs.  So often I see ladies with loose fitting bras, with their boobs bouncing up, and down.  I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable with one like that.

It is an ‘Elasticized Fabric.  Moisture wicking and breathable to keep you cool and dry.  Shrink and fade resistant to withstand wash and wear.  Removable padding for the perfect fit.’

I agree will all of the above.  The bra is more expensive than others I have at $18.99, but well worth it, when it fits so well, and looks so good.  In the past I have bought $10 ones from Wal-Mart, and they have stretched in no time at all.  Also the colors really faded.

I have washed it twice, and put it on a hanger to dry.  By the morning I could wear it again.  I did receive this bra for free, and wanted to share it with you.  Please go to the Amazon page, and check out all the other designs.  I have 2 other ones I am planning on buying.


Sogrand 6pcs-Pack, Solar Lights Outdoor, Solar Pathway Lights, Solar Garden Lights.

The latest lights I have are the Sogrand 6pcs-Pack, Solar Lights Outdoor, Solar Pathway Lights, Solar Garden Lights, for Lawn, Patio, Yard, Walkway, Driveway, Pathway. 

These are black ones, and really well packaged, to prevent any damage.  All you have to do is push the stakes into the bottom of the solar lights, and put them in the sunniest spot in the yard, to charge up.
It is suggested you leave them in the off position for 24 hours, and then twist the top of them.  This is where you will find the on/off switch, so put them to the on position .  If you want to move them to the edge of your walkway, or patio, still make sure that they get some sunshine.  This will ensure that they light up at dusk, and go off when the sun rises.
Now you are ready to enjoy your beautiful lights.  They have a type of beveling on them, which makes an enchanting pattern on the earth around them.
They don’t look as pretty as the other lights during the day, but at nighttime, they have their own majesty.  At only $13.99 for 6, I really think they are a steal.  You can check them out at the Amazon link on this page.
I received these lights for free, and chose to write a review of them.  These are my own words after testing them thoroughly.

Sogrand 4 LED Solar Globe Stake Light Set, 2-Pack

I have a brand new patio outside my sliding doors, and now have so much more room.  We have amazing zero gravity chairs, with attachable side tables, so needed some lighting in the area.  Here is where I put the Sogrand 4 LED Solar Globe Stake Light Set, 2-Pack.

As you can see they are globes, and they measure 5.9 inches, and with the stake the length is 11 inches.

I set them up initially right where the sun shines all day long, and then moved them back  to their home.  Here the sun will shine enough to ensure they come on each night, but I really wanted them to be fully charged the first time.

I went outside 30 minutes after dusk, and they were shining brightly.  When I got close to them, I could see the 4 LED lights.  You can see them in one of my up close photos.

The globes are plastic, but a really thick, strong plastic, to ensure they last a very long time.

Not only do they give me light for my patio, during the evening, but also help with security at night.  The best thing of all is that I am saving energy, by using solar lights, which helps us all, and also my pocket.

I received these lights for free, and wanted to test them immediately, and write a review about them.

Sogrand 5 Modes,Flashlight,Torch High-Powered, FlashLight, Rechargeable Tac Light, Water Resistant Handheld Flashlight with Zoom Function

Sogrand 6Pc-Pack, Solar Lights Outdoor, Stainless Steel, Solar Light, Solar Garden Lights, for Lawn,Patio,Yard,Walkway,Driveway,Pathway



Vsecrety Beach Blanket Mat Water Proof Outdoor Mat, Camping Blanket with large size (Red and Blue)

Have you ever seen a beach blanket that folds up to a carry case, yes that is correct.  Here it is Vsecrety Beach Blanket Mat Water Proof Outdoor Mat, Camping Blanket with large size (Red and Blue).

The size when received is 12.5 x 10.6 inches, has a handle, and a Velcro seal.  The colors of the blanket are red, white, and blue strips.  When opened you get a really large 5 x 6.5 feet area.  I spread it in my back garden, and was delighted with the size.

It has a ‘Waterproof and sand-proof bottom; easy to clean by wiping down with a damp cloth;  Durable and comfortable with polyester top and PVC bottom; soft foam layer in-between.’

I will be taking it down to the beach this weekend, as we are spending a few days there.  I really think that it will work great, and I won’t be laying on crumpled towels, or in a one person tent that is suitable for a child.  Luckily I got that one to test, as it was really disappointing.

When I folded it up, and that was easy, as I followed the fold lines, it wasn’t as tight as when it arrived, so I tried putting my water bottle in between the folds, and it worked.  So you can also carry items in it too.  How neat.

I will be using this all year round, as I live in Florida, and am so pleased to receive it at a discounted price.