If Amazon wipe your account it’s not a bad thing.

Amazon wiped my Profile 2 years ago, however I had the insight to start a WordPress blog, a few months prior to this.

Every one of my reviews dating back to 2,005 were gone.  I was not in despair as I have been freelance writing for 27 years, and all of the websites I was on, closed.  It gave me the incentive to continue writing.

I now have 1,089 followers on WordPress, and around 9,500 followers collectively on social media.  Yesterday 5 items came from Amazon, so you see, don’t be sad if this happens to you.  You can still get items from groups that only need a social review, and if you have made connections with sellers, they will contact you, and ask for blog reviews.

I prefer this to writing on Amazon as I have so much freedom to do my own thing.  Just remember to either leave a disclaimer, or hashtags such as #sponsored, or #Ad. as this is required by law.

Need any help in getting started reviewing products, or any questions?   Leave a comment for me, or you can email me.  Details in my contact information.

Just a handful of products that I have already reviewed.

Yesterday 1,000 followers, and today only 999.

152752719916521229879121278753509.jpgI was going to write a blog post today, as I had 1,000 followers, only to find that someone removed me today.  Whoever you are, that is fine, as I am sure that I will pick up another follower shortly, to bring back that amazing number.

I just wanted to thank each, and every one of you, for supporting me in my writing.  I have been doing this for at least 26 years, and couldn’t go a day without it.

Cross that out.  I am back to 1,000 followers thanks to The Beauty Spyglass. https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/122733854


Milestone day. This is my 700th post on WordPress.

20171101_151502_1The number is nothing compared to the amount of posts I wrote on Epinions, Associated Content, Bubblews, and Amazon, but a nice rounded number.

When I think of the 25 years I have been a freelance writer it is quite frightening.  The best thing is all the friends I made, and I am still in contact with many of them.  Some it has been 20 years of enjoying each other’s work.

Although most of my post are reviews, I also like to write about health, fitness, and the beach.  Right now I am a Sponsored Athlete, and I am happy to wear the brand.  You can see the photos of my clothes.  Knowing that my working out inspires others is something that I am really proud of.

The good thing is that I look forward to the gym each day, and my trainer pushes me, but I push myself even more.  Age isn’t a factor in my mind, it is just a number.

This video is from at least 6 to 9 months ago.


I would love comments from my followers as to what part of my writing they enjoy, and I will try and incorporate more of it into my posts.

Thanks so much for following me.



https://www.facebook.com/ryan.k.competitor?ref=br_rs  My personal trainer for boxing, and any kind of fitness and nutrition.



Not only is today Mother’s Day in America, but it is also my first anniversary of writing on WordPress

Yes, it is double celebrations today, as a mother I was given a rose, after my Zumba class today, and I had kept my card from March 26th, when it was Mother’s Day in England.  My daughter knows I keep it up for 2 months, which is cute.

So 1 year ago I started my blog, prior to Amazon wiping my Profile in August.  We all knew that it was only a matter of time, for Professional writers to loose their reviews, so I was totally prepared.

I have really enjoyed my first year, and have so many great fellow writers here, wonderful sellers, and other reviewers that I appreciate.

Thank you everyone for making it special.

Simplicity Women’s Faux Fur Fluffy Knit Patterned / Sequin Winter Ear Warmers

Simplicity sent me 2 different kinds of ear muffs, or as they call them Women’s Faux Fur Fluffy Knit Patterned / Sequin Winter Ear Warmers.  I love the first pair I was sent, and these ones are quite a bit different, but so cute.

They are really fluffy on the inside to keep your ears really warm, and then have the jazzy sequins on the outside.  Nobody I have seen has anything like these.  The band is covered with a knitted type cover, which is very comfortable to wear.  It states on the website that the  ‘Material: Acrylic’, but obviously it is completely covered.

I have worn them for several hours, and my ears are really toasty, even with glasses, they don’t hurt me.  They also fit really nicely above the clip I wear at the back of my head.

With the other Simplicity ear muffs I would be happy to hand wash them.  With these ones, I would only sponge wash the inside of the ear muffs, and let them air dry.

I know I am going to get comments about wearing ear muffs in Florida, when friends have temperatures below freezing.  What I suggest is that you use the link below, and treat yourself to a pair.

I received this product for free, and always love writing reviews.  They are my own words, as no one else would test them the way I do.


Simplicity Unisex Warm Faux Furry/ Fleece Winter Outdoor Ear Muffs worn even in Florida

Simplicity Women’s Batwing Knitted Tassel Pullover Sweater Poncho Shawl


I need to rearrange my Amazon products that are sitting in my second bedroom.

As previously mentioned, I have been freelance writing for almost 25 years.  Many paid jobs, but now just do reviews from sellers that provide me with discounted, or free products.

My friends are so happy when they get a $1 product as a gift from me, that would normally cost $15.

My main reason for doing this is to provide as many angels on the Christmas tree this year, with gifts.  I will also check out needy families, because I am sure that they can do with items that I have duplicates of.

November, my goal is to rearrange my other bedroom, so that I can have all the gifts ready for Christmas.  So looking forward to all the giving I can do this holiday season.


I love to write about anything.

I originally got into writing around 24 years ago, when a website called ‘Themestream’ was offering money to write.  They didn’t last that long, so I went with many different websites, including Judy’s Book, and Epinions which lasted almost 20 years, and Bubblews. When the last one closed, I came over to writing reviews on Amazon products.

I still continue to do that, as sellers contact me, and I am also in various groups.  My original writing has changed over the years, but there is no way I can keep my mouth, or should I say fingers shut.  I have to let it all out.